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Reason me — This particular phrase is not a colloquial word in our contemporary society, especially among people who are vagrants and street urchins. Although, these people use this phrase as a subject to relate to life’s expedient. Just as life is not fun without betrayal; and it is when we mislead ourselves, that we learn a lesson about life and other anecdotes.

In this new Awe’s musical single, he sang about the lesson he learnt when he was with friends who are hypocrites and pretenders. Even before now, Awe’s music has always been stories that arrest one’s thinking. Like all his music on Spotify, Apple Music and Audiomack are resplendent because of the gyration that infuses in them for listeners to pirouette the rhythm.

This reason me track is uniquely about life’s compulsion. For a multifaceted songwriter, he uses storytelling to sing about his defy, and sometimes he acts like one whose quickness is a recondite narration to life and a human being’s deed. That is the reason why I say his thinking is different. You will know this when you fathom yourself to his felicitous voice.

Kendrick Awe is electrifyingly talking about the truth, malice, and prejudice attached to friendship. As many friends are venomous. Reason me — is dedicated to ferocious friends who are fiendish, filthy, and wicked. We all have these kinds of friends around us. Although for him, he spoke about his disappointment due to the love he had for them genuinely.

A piece of good music is not just about the tune or sound, it just unifies the lyrics while passing a thought-provoking message. This particular music is a message that Awe has told all listeners that they should be wary of fake friends. However, in life, one has no experience if one has not fallen a victim to friends’ distrust. Well, such an act is gauche. Because we don’t expect people we lean on to fall our hands. And I feel Awe wrote this song as a response to beam the gnarled noise relating to friendship. I suggest: Maybe ‘’Friends with benefit’’ will work for both male and female gender. Let the male helps themselves because of growth, career, and business benefit, likewise the female too. Think this will make us all forget about the zeitgeist of this age.

Hence, the story of this music is an experience of bad friends who enthusiastically envy one’s artistry or craft. But this kind of narration is common among friends. Envy, jealousy, and hatred influx friendship. While Awe gave us the belief that bad or fake friends are dangerous to ruin one’s career and growth. We know this. But the way Awe reiterates it in this new music single is indeed marvellous. His style of writing music is something that will stand for ages. Just because his voice is melodious enough to sneak into one’s memory.

When one gives friendship an ephemeral priority, it is sure that one should be impressed with what matters and ignore unnecessary things. While listening to this track, I imagined what Awe was trying to say concerning fake friends who are grisly to other friends’ personalities. Telling us that this song is not fiction.

With his sonorous voice, one can feel his passion for the message while focusing on what betrayal means. Friendship to some people comes with malignancy and ruthless behaviour. And it is haphazard to a genuine friend. Therefore, when listening to this track, I learnt about his eccentric spirit as he profoundly narrated the song about the hostility concerning life. (one does not comfortably lean on all friends. Some friends are not happy about your success, and they are constantly looking for ways to mock you)

Perhaps, these fake and bad friends make life to be boring. But as you listen to this song, reason me, you will understand why these friends are after you. By putting hatred, creed, dubiousness, covetousness, and hypocrisy at the centre stage of existence. Unfortunately, it is worrisome and perturbing. Even as you listen to this song, you will get the gravity of what this artist experience with friends.

For his prowess in music, he cooks words both in Yoruba and English to meet his lexicon as a talented composer to overwhelm us with a new afro-pop genre in Nigerian music. Nigeria music has been saturated with different vocals, but Kendrick Awe’s vocal is like a chant to disagree with mischief and sometimes to celebrate grandeur.

As a creative songwriter, Kendrick Awe has compassionately told us his view about friends and disappointment. Due to the influence, music has given his listener a promising career. Thus, it is only in good music, that is copiously sung, that you get a meaning full lesson. And Awe gives us that lesson in Reason me, to always learn from him as a word-bender; as a poet or an artist who is presumptuously great to say the truth the way it is. For someone like me, I grabbed his life experience because this so-called single is relatable.

For Awe to have sung like this, paradoxically means that he used all this gusty, to address the wrongs that happen between friends. Friendship is not a crime but the problem we have is that we focus on the sweet part, forgetting that we have to understand the devil in human skin since most times it is damnation of the mind.

Well, for people who are coterie to Awe’s music, you will know that his kind of African Jamz is not too serious. It is what I describe as ‘’ a cultural fusion of both Yoruba and English’’. Meaning that he makes use of his indigenous proverb to speak about relics and modern issues. Me, whenever I listen to his music, I refer to him as a griot whose elegance is nothing but a definition of originality. Pure voice and undiluted tune. Apart from that, I believe he preaches gospel coming out from his microphone.

When one listens to this particular music track, ‘’Reason Me’’ you will understand him and his feeling concerning friends who pretend to be supporting you. Meanwhile, his lyric tells you how sincere he is to his craft. He says: ‘’ You dey reason me bad/ God forbids/ I am singing music/ I don’t pray for your down/ and it is not your fault’’ these statements are perhaps what a friend who has given trust and loyalty would say after betrayal. Guy, Reason Me?

In conclusion, I won’t say Awe is a god but I will describe him as a talented musician who knows what to sing and when to write his song. From this particular musical single, you can easily define his invigorating spirit that you do not have to cringe at the happenstance of life A good music is what Awe’s dexterity offers, and I will encourage you to download his music on Spotify, Audiomack, and Apple music. To give your ears desirable music.

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