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Babatunde Alaran.

I have intermittently sunk myself to the ontology, in which his music enacts whenever I listen to. Starting from his previous track to this particular track, Awe’s style has transcended to become phenomenal in the hornet of up-coming-star in the music industry.

Seriously, when you listen to his song, there’s a subtle culture in his lyrics that tell a story from the past to the future. And he has practically built a craft for his voice with consecrated lyrics.

To me, music has an element of tales; but this particular song tells me about the significance of our childhood to the future from those ages of insouciance without knowing what the future holds. This song — Arodan gives a meaning to the plus and minus of life. His voice keeps flowing through the afro-centric sound to enthrall us. Awe has identified his style to tell a story in a prowess way; and probably, relating to people defy.

When I listened to this track I did not understand the song but when I often listened to it; then I began to recall childhood tales and surrealism which my mother described as innocuous to the society. This is the picturesque Awe brings out from this music. Music is indeed life when you understand the lyrics; likewise, when you follow the rhythm.

I began to read meaning to this song with Awe because I knew many friends to whom their parents sent them on an errand to collect Arodan from another household. Growing up in a culture like what Awe paints is fascinating and intriguing because Arodan is exactly some of the ways to address childhood’s childlike acts.

But to Awe, it’s certainly different. This music talks about his life as a vagrant to leave his parent to survival. And the thematic, in a viewpoint is a metaphor to his life’s anomie. Well, before now, I know Awe as a songwriter whose style is fledgling to be an evergreen.

Although there was a time, Awe’s music was somewhat irritating because he spoke about love frequently. That period, he saw life as love sojourn without hypocrisy. But at some point, he realizes his voice is a premonition to his own personal incident which is like an itinerary to bring a new style to life. Awe is prudent because you could hear from his voice. And his lyrics are meaningful and mature.

This music, Arodan is unique from others. It has the story of childhood with a memory that everyone can easily resonate with from his coherent approach to compose from the story of every man. Every man lives to tell a story. But; this Awe’s song doesn’t sell only the beat or the rhythm. It sells plot to the story which is remarkably everyman’s past.

Listen to his mellifluous voice, is the most succinct thing about this track. He has a stellar style that captivates his audience. Interestingly, the second verse, Awe points out his responsibility of being a victorious child, but not a child whose decadence is mercurial. He describes his life and it beautifies my soul because it is vividly telling a story of adulthood with a myth from childhood.

For every musician, style is profound. But for Awe, his approach to culture and fate is astoundingly rich beyond his peers. He explores Yoruba’s proverbs, in a subtle way that redefines its re-emergence to pop-culture from the traditional space. And it enthralls. He also has the definition of indigenous tunes that are extraordinaire to expressively expound the Arodan’s myth.

Meanwhile, this is not a hagiography. It is figuratively an account of his song that has frisky attention; and which is highly commendable when compare to his previous songs. Music has a way to reform itself. Therefore, Awe’s Arodan is the gaiety to everyone. It has become the music everybody loves because it is not monstrous.

Having said this, I have known Awe has a groovy musician who takes his time to produce monumental music. This song is not just music; it will stay forever with us because the choice of Yoruba language that is imbibed is far to be a hallucination.

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