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Zend is a digital mobile app that has faced a lot of challenges since it went live with user onboarding. The existing onboarding process was causing a high drop-off rate, and users were abandoning the app before completing the setup. The feedback suggested that the process was perceived as too lengthy and complicated, resulting in a poor initial user experience.


After understanding the pain point of the user during our first research phase, we understand that users were struggling to complete the onboarding process due to its complexity and length, leading to a significant drop in user adoption. This problem hindered the product’s goal of attracting and retaining users for its digital banking services


  1. To increase user patronage and flexibility.
  2. To build banking services that increase revenue.
  3. Increasing user adoption.


After the first time of our Zend launch, we continue to carry out both qualitative and quantitative research just to understand what makes our customers get discouraged about the onboarding screens of the app. However, during that period, some of the users who took part in our survey and interview told us the reason why the app is not serving its real purpose.


  1. The app is solving a problem but the problem I have with it is the long process of the onboarding screen. It makes me get tired of signing up for the App.
  2. When I first read the digital banking review on a news blog, I was fascinated with the solution, but when I wanted to sign up, I was frustrated with the onboarding screen. There were a lot of unnecessary screens.
  3. The app is fine. However, I think the onboarding screens need to be short and straight to the point because not everybody has the time to spend during the lengthy signing up.
  4. The onboarding screens need to have a flexible user experience that makes it easy for users to navigate.


After we understood the users’ frustrations and challenges on our current onboarding screen, I took it upon myself to dissect their frustrations and had conversations with the stakeholders on how to make the onboarding process more intuitive and easy to navigate from the splash screen to the dashboard


  1. Make the onboarding screens have fewer screens so the users can have access to the dashboard easily.
  2. The flow needs to communicate a purpose to every screen and should have a relationship with other screens.
  3. Design elements need to be simple, communicative, and easy to navigate because users do not have the luxury of spending time signing up.
  4. Signing up should be stress-free.


After I did the research and found out what users’ frustrations were about the first onboarding screens of our app, I came up with a new user flow that solved the problems.

From the existing flow of Zend Mobile App, I developed another one that serves the purpose of customers’ expectations and how to increase revenue.


However, after understanding the customers’ perspective, I began to make a new approach to how the app can serve better. One of the things I do is to ensure that the new flow is seamless and easy for the user to use the app; whose purpose is to help them with with international payment transfer.


Meanwhile, after the new flow, I came up with the low-fi of our existing and new onboarding screens. The reason for this comparison is to understand why the users find the previous so challenging.

High Fidelity

The moment I finished the low fidelity, I created the high fidelity using the same design pattern as our previous onboarding screens. The new design indicates that users can now easily access the app.


When the high fidelity was completed, I began to test the new onboarding screen with participants. The result of the quantitative testing shows that 87% of users are comfortable with the new development of the Zend Mobile App.

I also tried moderated testing which indicates that 55% of the participants now understand the app, but the only constraint with other users who fill out the survey and one-on-one interview is that they do not get interested in saying their own view about the app.


The idea of this new onboarding screen is to increase product usage and patronage among its users. As soon as we curated the new onboarding screen, the stakeholders were impressed with the level of revenue from download and the product experience after the lengthy onboarding screens from previous designs.

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